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Direct Marketing has entered a new age. Those prospects you are targeting have never been in a better position to control the deluge of daily communication from your competitors and all the other hustlers. Its easy to filter emails, but all is not lost - here is still plenty of scope to communicate via printed materials and this can differentiate your offering if everyone else is hitting the email trail. Backed up with targeted telesales and you might just be surprised with the results.



At Snap Marketing we can devise your direct mail campaigns from start to finish generating a stream of prospects for your products.
We will help you identify the market segments you need to target, source the right list for you, devise hard-hitting message; then execute and monitor the campaign

Understanding trade marketing issues and developing individual programs designed to accelerate product sales is a specialised field.

Manufacturers, Distributors, Installers all have very specific needs and requirements, and their buy-in to your whole outbound marketing is essential for a profitable sales and ROI.


At Snap Marketing, we understand what drives these trade audiences. We understand their business priorities and have considerable hands-on experience and a deep knowledge of what methods to use to elicit the best sales response.

A strong brand presence is vital at any event/exhibition and at Snap Marketing we are experts in coming up with eye-catching tricks to make you stand out from the crowd. We will help you incorporate all the different media; the structural aspects, technology, and creative images to breath life to your products and give visitors a great experience and improve brand perception.

because... it's all about getting your foot in the door  
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