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Creative Director

Background in advertising and copywriting, heavily into conceptual ideas and strong brand design.

Strengths in branding and concepts, and being able to mix wine and gin on a night out without being sick.

Likes to keep fit, to try and keep the signs of aging at bay and the effects of late nights, dancing and general merriement.

Will happily discuss your requirements, budgets and business needs, make sure you are on the righteous path and suggest ways of making your business fly, whilst adding a shot of imagination, creative flair. With 20 years of experience in design, advertising & print, loves QuarkXpress & hates Indesign.


Senior Designer

Young and talented, background in product design and graphics.

makes an excellent cup of tea, visualisation and finish.

Likes football, music and running - mostly away from people! Has very long floppy hair that really needs to be cut, with the obligatory pant label hanging out of the back of his trousers... apparently it's fashion.

Will work tirelessly to finish your project (it's hard to get free once tied up) a whizz in CS3 and loves Dreamweaver and finds most software a breeze - showoff! Friendly and pleasantly bright.


Marketing Consultant

Background in all things marketing, worked in some really big buildings in London and worked for some massive big names like Samsung, Phillips Electronics and Virgin Media.

Likes fishing and putting together really long sentences. Wears tank tops and dodgy looking trousers, but that's probably because he is over 40!

Will know exactly what you need on the marketing front, will wow you with SEO's and google ad words and make your company work to its full potential .


Web Developer

Background in all that boring stuff that looks like physics! With years of experience staring at a computer after leaving university in Australia...
well I think that's where his funny accent is from!

Likes jukeboxes and playing with computers, not sure if he goes out... mostly after dark I imagine!

Will sit endlessly trying to configure really complicated backend programmes whilst rubbing his chin and sighing deeply, will make your backend fly... urmm maybe I should rephrase that!



Worked in the glamourous world of Formula One, taking pictures not laying on cars! Lesley now specialises in Commercial Photography.

Strengths in capturing the love and emotion in the office, no I mean superb art direction and fantastic product shots.

Likes eating out so someone else can do the dishes, loves Sex and the
City and all of her 92 pairs of shoes and never turns down a Vodka or glass of red!

Will use her unobtrusive and creative style to create artistic images to suit any media you require.

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