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Wellington Country Park

Project outline:
Brand Tweak
Stationery for Park, Riding, Farm shop
Promotional Material
Country Park Leaflet
Riding School leaflets
Riding School Brochure 2009
Riding School folder
Riding School Price lists
Exhibition boards for
Riding School
Press Advertising for
Country Park & Riding School
Press Advertising for
Farm Shop
Promotional leaflet for Farm Shop
Website design and production for
Riding School, Country Park & Farm Shop
Riding School Calendars
Country Park Camping leaflet, Educational Postcards & Marketing for Schools

"Snap has been our key driving force in helping us to firstly identify the message we wanted to put over in our literature and then secondly in the creation and design of our new leaflets to put over that message, for both our main key revenue streams; the touring camping and caravan site as well as visitors to the Country Park.

It is very clear that with their help we have created a very effective, well received informative promotional tool, which to date has proven very successful for us."

Nigel Burnett,
General Manager
Wellington Country Park

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